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c. gusto. 3) A scraping of orange or lemon peel as flavouring.
4) short name of Zest Leaders.


Our focus hasn’t changed since the foundation of Zest. It’s the leadership including everything it is built on — people, groups and organizations and also the tools they use to form the world class companies.

We are pragmatic like our partners and clients. That is, we are focused on the main thing. The main question the majority of our partners ask is the following: “How to become the best company being a good one?” or “How to become a pre-eminent company being the best one?”

Nevertheless, sometimes we start our dialogue with the question: “Why fish?” This is how we find the confederates.

You’ll find the other questions on our website as well.

For example


The success in any business depends on a huge number of components, the list of these factors being changed with the time and “maturing” of a company.

The only thing stays the same in the focus of the successful companies. It’s the development of people.

People who are able and willing to progress form dedicated and effective teams. These teams lead their companies to the leadership in their business sector.

Development generates the leadership - of a single person, a small team or a big organization.

We work with different
companies – big and small,
new and quite esteemed.
That is why all our projects are different.
We don’t use standard solutions.

How do we work?

We work with different companies – big and small, new and quite esteemed. That is why all our projects are different.
We don’t use standard solutions.

However, there’s something we always do in our projects.
In its work Zest always:

  • Involves into work senior management of the client company
  • Starts with the diagnostics of the organizational environment
  • Identifies leaders one can rely on in the company
  • Shares its know-how and training technologies
  • Provides the best practices, case studies and materials from its own media library which has been collected since 2002
  • Participates in the implementation of its suggested solutions
  • Relies on its experience and involves into work its expert partners from more than 10 countries all over the world.

One of our clients has about 60.000 employees. The other has 12 foreign subsidiaries. The third is a new company which has already become a leader in its sector and wants to keep up.
What is common to all this companies?


One of our clients has about 60.000 employees.
The other has 12 foreign subsidiaries. The third is a new company which has already become a leader in its sector and wants to keep up. What is common to all this companies?

Three things. The first is the talent of all those people who want, can and do more than the others. The second - effective teams of managers, each of which includes at least several such talents. And finally, the third one – the comprehension that it is impossible neither to buy nor to inherit the talents and their environment.

The leader of the company and his closest associates have to invest their energy, will and intelligence into the talents. It is important to do it non-stop and realize that half of the success depends on this consistency.

Zest’s clients

Zest works for the mature leaders and their companies like:

Сибур СУЭК Сибирская генерирующая компания Газпром нефть КЭС Холдинг Мосэнерго EnerDel Meditel QTel

Our clients and business partners have rich experience of work with consultants.
One of them, for example, collaborated with 72 consulting contractors one year.


Our clients and business partners have vast experience of  working with consultants. One of them, for example, collaborated with 72 consulting within one year.

They choose us for different reasons.
Probably, because the choice itself is made by different people.

  • Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
    "Gazprom Neft"
  • Dmitry Konov Chairman of the Management Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vladimir Rashevsky Chairman of the Management Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vitaly Yakovlev Chairman of the Management Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Boris Vainziher Chief Executive Officer
    "IES holding"
  • Ruben Aganbegyan Chairman of the Management Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
    "Otkritie FC"

Zest was founded in 2002.


Zest was founded in 2002.

Within 12 years: more than 80 implemented projects with 31 clients.

We work in Russia, CIS and other countries. We carry out programs of management development in collaboration with INSEAD, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University. We engage in joint our programs various independent consultants, McKinsey, Booz & Company, Roland Berger, professors and teachers of the Stockholm School of Economics, MMS Skolkovo, personal coaches and executives of international companies.

The main office is situated in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Pavel Kiryukhantsev is the managing partner.

Zest Team

  • Associate partners
  • Vladimir Preobrazhensky Moscow School of managment Skolkovo | Head of Research
  • Evgeny Plaksenkov
  • Igor Dubinnikov
  • Mariya Mikhailenko Roland Berger | Principal
  • Svetlana Chumakova
  • Sergey Kordashenko
  • Elizabeth Florent-Treacy INSEAD | Associate Director, Research
  • Stephen James Glendinning Mr. Price Group | HR Director
  • Associate consultants
  • Andrey Ruban
  • Evgeny Smirnov
  • Elena Suprun
  • Sofia Miroedova
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